A Simple Plan: Fashions

How Your Feelings Can be Influenced by The Clothes You are Wear

Whenever you put on a new set of clothes, there’s usually a great feeling and so much confidence that you have. This feeling has been proven through various studies to be beyond a simple emotional feeling but more psychological than we actually thought. To add on that, studies have proven that people are influenced by the outfit to display a particular manner of behavior that match the outfits they are in. Further, studies have indicated that one’s personality will be influenced by the clothes they are putting on when it is supposed to be the other way round. Below, there are a number of modes of dressing to prove the point.

First and foremost, let’s look at the power dressing. Even though the current trend of dressing at office places is slowly shifting from the more official wear to more casual attire such as jeans and T-shirts, it has been proven that people who do the power dressing tend to be more ethical. People find they feel more powerful in official wear even when they are just by themselves because official closing influences our confidence. It is very important to feel confident and aggressive especially in business and this can come in handy when you have to get good business deals. When you are in good attire hormones are produced in your body that make you display dominance which adds to your confidence and the feeling of self-assurance.

Apart from that, let’s also consider the casual look. It is undeniable that in the boardroom in the workplace your performance is greatly boosted when you are in the formal attire. The official wear can however hinder how you socialize with people because it would not be very fit for the occasion. When you are comfortable, you will be able to have a good balance between work and play. You can simply carry a change of clothes that you can change into when that time comes so that you are comfortable enough. Smart casual maintains comfort but also make sure your smart and you look more approachable in casual attire.

Another important set of clothing to look at is gym clothing. Doing regular exercise is very important for everyone but people do not prefer visiting the gym. Lack of motivation has been attributed to be the main reason making it difficult for people to visit the gym. Our lives are busy and this frustrates our efforts to hit the gym so that even when the thought crosses our mind we feel exhausted. It has been proven that clothing can greatly inspire you into doing something and particularly, gym clothes can really motivate you to exercise. You will be reminded that you need to hit the gym by just them being around your vicinity.