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Some Basic Facts About Cell Tower Leasing

In order for any cellular network to be able to function in particular areas of just about any place, they need to have their communication tools and equipment and antenna set up in the place that you call cell sites or cell towers. These cell sites are then being formed in properties that are not owned at all by the wireless carrier and the tower company. When it comes to cell sites being in a particular property, the carrier or tower company will only be given the right to this site when they will be availing of cell tower leasing opportunities. A lot of people that own such properties have found it very beneficial on their part in terms of financial matters to have their properties be offered for cell tower leasing.

Typically, the antennas for cell sites will be situated among the buildings of some sites and never their own towers. You can also have some cell towers that are strategically placed inside sculptures and artificial trees or preserved trees, and they are what you call the stealth sites or the concealed sites. Basically, cell sites may be in stealth form or may be found just above the top of the roof. In terms of cell antennas, on the other hand, you will even find them from chimneys as well as church steeples.

For a cell site that serves as host to only one phone company, they could have a number of base stations that come with their own air interface technology. By going at cell sites, you will be seeing them to be coming with their own cell towers where the antennas will be mounted on as well as some control electronics, receivers and transmitters, GPS receiver, digital signal processors, shelter, and some backup electrical power sources. Cell towers come with their own extra bandwidth that can serve a great purpose when emergency calls will be made.

Usually, cell sites will be placed among areas that have the most cellular networks users based on the concentration of such population. The transfer of cell phone will go through one single tower that highly depends on its capacity. There must be a particular number of calls that this cell tower can only handle. In terms of tower site spacing, it will have something to do with the number of people that make use of such particular cell site. For places that do not have that much users, the spacing for the towers will be 1 to 2 miles apart. Meanwhile, the distance can be nearer between 1/4 and 1/2 miles from each other among areas that have a lot of users.

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