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The Basic Duties of the Parts of Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial air compressors are the types used for commercial purposes. Most people who use these air compressors are the industries involving contractors, woodworkers and mechanics. These industries majorly use positive displacement compressors. In this case, air pressure is increased by making sure that the size of the space that contains air is smaller. All the parts of air compressors have their duties. These parts will always have a function or more that enables for the working of the compressor. Understanding the functions of the parts of the air compressor will be good for you if your facility is going to start using one. To ensure that the air pressure is used effectively and efficiently, you will need to understand the functions of the basic parts of the air compressor.

The management of the power in the compressor should be the first thing that you understand. There are electric motors in industrial air compressors. It is the function of the electric motor to ensure that the compressor pump receives power. The motor drives the two belts and the pulley in order to drive power to the pump piston. The flywheel and the crank shaft are the reason this will take place. The compressor pump mentioned above has a significance to the functioning of the compressor too. Most industrial compressors have two pumps even though others could have more. There are two stages involved in compressing industrial air. This involves the first in the larger low pressure cylinder and then it will be taken to the high pressure cylinder.

Industrial air compressors work with a pressure switch. This is important in the sense that it will shut down the motor when the air pressure reaches the set limit of a factory. The switch then is responsible for turning it on when the pressure is used to a pre-set level. Air that has already been compressed can be stored in a tank known as the receiver. The receiver will always have a check valve which will be positioned at the inlet of the tank. Compressed air is prevented from flowing in to the compressor pump by the check valve. Most of these parts are based on the performance of the industrial air compressor.

Some parts are accessories responsible to ensure that the functioning of the compressor is on point. For safety functioning, an industrial air compressor will need a safety valve. This is a vital accessory is as much as the safety performance of the air compressor is in question. It ensures that substances are allowed to flow safely.

Then talk of the drain valve. Drain valve remove condensate from the air system. The condensate is removed by the drain valve without removing much compressed air that is important. They reduce the chances of overloading in the draining valves. Damages to the air compressor are therefore reduced. When the pumps break, it is the shuttle valve that protects the air compressor.

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